Terms& Conditions

  1. On ordering, A minimum deposit of 50% is required on all bridal gowns.
    Accessories purchased at the same time as a bridal gown have a minimum deposit of 50%. For online order the 100% payment is required and the receipt will be provided.
  2. Customers should retain their receipts as proof of purchase.
    In the event of a wedding being cancelled for any reason whatsoever, the balance remains payable once the gown is completed and all goods must be collected and paid as agreed.
  3. Service prices include measuring, fabrics, materials and service fee; BUT DO NOT INCLUDE the costs in respect to dry cleaning and ironing. We provide ONE time size alteration after the 1st fittings by professional dressmakers as a complimentary. Once the dress is picked up from the store and if customer needs additional alternation and fitting; there will be extra service fee.
  4. Fitting and alteration work fittings shall take place at Philia Couture Studio during operation hours; however may be carried out at a different location where required WITH a travelling expenses as agreed.
  5. Gowns are MADE TO MEASURE and differ from high street sizes.
  6. We DO NOT accept to alternate any design or pattern of the dress once starts making pattern. Customers must make up their mind and agree on the design and material within the day of body measurement and making deposit.
  7. Most of the dress making require at least 45-60 days to customize; however we can rush some orders as agreed.
  8. Dress making according to Brand pictures provided by customers cannot be 100% as same as in the picture due to lace and material difference, Body size of customers that give different effect when comparing to super models; however we try best to find the most similar lace and materials.
  9. Philia Couture will not accept responsibility for the damage to or loss of goods once you have taken them from our premises. Should the store breach its obligations under this agreement, it’s liability is limited to any direct loss incurred by the customer arising for such breach.
  10. Philia Couture WILL NOT be liable for any breaches caused by circumstances outside our control, including but not restricted to : Acts of God, War, Riot, Terrorism, Malicious Damage, Fire, Flood or Storm.
    Nothing in the above shall affect your statutory rights.

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